With education programmes in seven countries, BRAC has built the largest secular private education system in the world, with more than 38,000 schools giving disadvantaged youth a second chance at learning. Complementing mainstream school systems with innovative teaching methods and materials, BRAC opens primary schools in hard-to-reach communities , bringing learning to millions of children, particularly those affected by extreme poverty, violence, displacement or discrimination. At the pre-primary level, we target underprivileged children to prepare them for mainstream primary school entry. At the secondary level, we provide need-based training, student mentoring initiatives, and e-learning materials to improve the mainstream secondary education system.

Giving South Sudanese youths a second chance at education

Delivering education services is currently a top priority in BRAC's development agenda in South Sudan. We currently support both formal as well as non-formal education in addition to technical and vocational education for youths linked with livelihood development.

Our education programme covers children and youths between the ages of 4 to 25.
Through our own modality in operating schools, we deliver lessons in a more child-friendly manner. In South Sudan, our community girls' schooling is an alternative academic programme targeting girls.

To strengthen mainstream schools, we are working with the United Nations Office for project services and the government to train the teachers. We also incorporate behaviour change communications for improved access to schools and quality education for girls.

We also assist in providing access to cost effective, quality primary education in South Sudan for children between the ages of 8 to 11 years by following a curriculum that provides an all inclusive, basic education catering to the needs of all students.

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